Master Yuan Zhen Wu (Buddhist name: Shi Xing Wu) was born into a family with martial art traditions. At the age of 8 years old Master Yuan studied directly under the Abbott Shi Dec Han and many other masters bestowing upon him a rare mastery and extensive combination of skills, including: 18 weapons, 72 martial art forms, and qi gong (like iron shirt and gold bell shield).

Master Yuan became the Head Coach of the Warrior Monk (Eighteen Lohans) Team at 18 years old. After acquiring many championships in tournaments Master Yuan became the leader of the prestigious Shaolin Temple Performing Team where he traveled to more than 30 countries around the world.

Master Yuan is recognized as a Level-Nine National Martial Art Master, Top-Tier International Martial Art Coach, Top-Tier National Wushu Referee, and a Lifelong Honorary Technical Advisor to the Chinese National Wushu Association. Master Yuan has dedicated his career to pass on the authentic training methods of Shaolin Temple and has established Shaolin Martial Arts Academy in British Columbia, Canada.


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