Shaolin Kung Fu

Comprehensive Shaolin kung fu art forms could channel restlessness of youth to build true strengths and characters while its rich Chan philosophy could provide purposes and guidance in life. Master Yuan’s teaching applies rigorous Shaolin wushu training principles to build stamina and flexibility by working muscles and joints while building internal energy and mental discipline.

Tai Chi

Modern-day life has many adults stressed out with weakened health and bodily functions. Chinese philosophy of building organ vitality, internal energy and spiritual consciousness via kung fu practices provides life nourishing foundation for longevity and lasting health. Master Yuan’s patient guidance on stretching and breathing would significantly enhance your flexibility and harmony with Nature and in turn would boost up various organ functions.

Yijinjing & Xisuijing

The Changing Tendons Exercise (Yijinjing) and Cleansing (or Transformation) of Marrow Exercise (Xisuijing) are attributed in legend to Bodhidharma during the Qing Dynasty (early 5th century A.D.). Purpose of the exercise is for preservation of overall body (internal and external) well being. Benefits include strengthening the muscles and tendons, and increasing flexibility. Practicing the forms will help prevent illness and promote conservation of body. Beneficial for people suffering from stress, indigestion, high blood pressure and arthritis.

Children Kung Fu

Ancient Chinese has emphasized the importance of combining academic education with kung fu disciplines. From rigorous kung fu trainings enriched with Chinese culture and Chan philosophy, children can cultivate better concentration and emotional stability, as well as build confidence and characters while developing physical agility and strength. These in turn build the foundation for further intellectual development.

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