Introduction of Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Center in Canada

Canada Shaolin Zen Wu cultural center set up for the purpose of conveying civilized self-cultivation to pray for the public to the community. Mainly contains four parts: Zen, Wu, Buddha, medicine. For the public to provide a full range of self-cultivation, support, martial arts, exercise, health care, meditation, ceremony Buddha, Zen’s place.

“Big hidden in the city, small hidden mountains”

At the beginning of the establishment of the center, in order to facilitate the community and practice the concept of convenience Zen, Wu Zu Master and his disciples spent a lot of time to find the right place and enough space in order to build a Zen, Wu, Buddha, medical places. Yes, the center of the hardware facilities are showing a warm, relaxed sense of trust and the combination of static and dynamic.

Center main activities and learning content

Meditation: from the heart of the exercise as a starting point, to adjust the meditation to adjust the balance of physical and mental. Do not speak past and future, focus on the moment. The concept of natural Zen into life. And the integration of Shaolin unique inheritance of qigong health law, meditation meditation at the same time, physical and mental have to relieve. Another addition of Zen tea, tea into the Zen, the body, heart, spirit at the same time get washing

Martial arts: to strong physical, self-defense self-defense-based. In addition to Shaolin traditional martial arts training, and join the Shaolin martial arts gymnastics, universal sports to all ages.

Li Buddha: Li Buddha is to worship the Buddha, that disaster disorder disaster, increase the blessing of the magic of the door. In the compassion of the Buddha, get the release and release of the heart. All activities and courses in the center are not limited to specific religious or martial art. So wide open good door, welcome preferences and interested people from all walks of life, regardless of sectarian, gender, age to participate.

Medical health: Shaolin Temple Zen, Wu, medical three characteristics of culture as a representative of traditional Chinese culture, in the exchange of Chinese and foreign plays an irreplaceable role. Shaolin pharmacy to the ancient meditation left behind the precious medicinal cultural property, combined with Shaolin Zen and martial arts, summed up a set of Shaolin characteristics of repair, healing, health methods and concept.

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     加拿大少林寺 Shaolin Temple of Canada

     加拿大行武禅寺 Xing Wu Zen Temple of Canada